About Us

The Learner Passport solution is the result of a collaboration between three exceptional EdTech companies, servicing institutions around the world. Learn more about them below:

Powering your single source of truth for skills and learning data

Founded in 2016, Edalex develops technology solutions that extract hidden value from educational data to make it accessible and more meaningful.

Edalex brings together the team behind the CODiE award-winning openEQUELLA open source platform that centrally houses teaching and learning, research, media and library content.

In 2019, Edalex launched Credentialate – a Credential Evidence Platform that increases the power and meaning of digital badges and the ability to analyse performance against learning outcomes like never before.

openRSD was released by Edalex in 2022 to help create, store and share rich skill descriptors (RSDs) and RSD collections. openRSD uses Edalex’s open source technology stack to create locally- and globally-relevant libraries of RSDs that are open to all contributors and consumers. RSDs bring equity to the learner and the skills ecosystem and provide an even playing field for skills recognition.

Unleash the power of knowledge

Learning Vault develops resources and technologies that actively support education providers, governments and enterprises across the world in facilitating the acquisition, curation, and portability of knowledge-based achievements throughout an individual’s lifetime.

Our focus is on micro-credential taxonomies and educational resources, digital credentialing and digital certification – and the technologies to support their integration into modern learning environments.

Create a life you’re passionate about

World-class planning tools to help you take control of your career

Knowing what career you want to pursue for the rest of your life is difficult when you’ve just turned 18 and you’ve spent the last decade of your life in a classroom.

Starting as a humble blog providing post-school advice to school leavers, Year13 has since developed to encompass a wide range of services and products for youth. Now, Year13 helps over 1.6 million young people annually find what it is they’re passionate about and turn that passion into and actionable plan for the future.